Lakeside Environmental Services
The environmental specialists at Travis Pruitt & Associates offer solutions to the ever-changing environmental laws that affect all aspects of land development. Experienced at negotiating the labyrinth of permitting requirements and the constraints of environmental laws, TPA’s specialists have earned our environmental department a reputation that is well respected by local, state and federal regulatory agencies in the industry.           TPA offers a comprehensive approach to projects, from feasibility studies to final permitting, with services that make it possible to optimize buildable space while minimizing permitting requirements, environmental impact and potential mitigation costs.

Environmental Services:
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Delineation, Permitting and Mitigation
    • Waters & Wetland – Delineation, GPS Mapping, and Verification
    • Section 401 & 404 Clean Water Act Individual and Nationwide Permits
    • Mitigation – Planning, Implementation, Maintenance and Monitoring
  • NEPA Compliance
  • GEPA Compliance
  • Georgia Stream Buffer Requirements
    • Identify Stream Buffers
    • Process Variance Approvals
    • Prepare/Process GAEPD Stream Buffer Variances
  • NPDES Services
    • Prepare/Submit Notice of Intent
    • Prepare Erosion, Sedimentation and Pollution Control Plan
    • Rainfall Erosion Control Inspection
    • Water Quality Monitoring
    • Prepare/Submit Notice of Termination
  • Protected Species Assessments
    • Identify Potential Protected Habitat
    • Negotiate with US Fish & Wildlife Service and State Authorities
  • Relocate and Manage Plans of Protected Species
  • Tree Surveys and Density Counts
  • Environmental Assessments – Preliminary and Phase 1

Environmental Services, Atlanta, Norcross, Athens, Georgia, LEED Accredited Staff, Travis Pruitt & Associates

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