Surveying for As-Builts Boundary Surveys
A Boundary Survey defines the perimeter locations, or property lines, of a tract of land. Borders usually need to be resolved before property is purchased and specific engineering plans are designed. Boundary surveys can range from inner city high-rise parcels to rural farmland, and the entire approach can differ from one site to the next.
          Travis Pruitt & Associates uses all information available to correctly define a property’s boundary or to resolve border disputes. If recent changes have destroyed evidence or if there is new evidence like fences and iron pins that do not agree with older more established deeds and evidence, then our archived information from 30 years of surveying the area may well be the best data available.
          TPA’s trained and experienced survey staff manages these challenges on a daily basis, making the complex appear simple. See our protfolio of PreDesign Surveys (Boundary, Topograhic and Utility).

As-Built Survey

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